NSware - Daz3D Content Downloader + Daz3D Zip Installer

20-03-2019, 08:17
NSware - Daz3D Content Downloader + Daz3D Zip Installer

Daz3D Content Downloader

Here the DownloadLink of my current version:



1. Unzip the Zip-File
2. Start .exe (Maybe as Admin)

How To Use:
1. Start JDownloader 2 (VERY IMPORTANT)
2. Start Programm and you became a list of 20 Contents.
3. Click download on the Content you need or delete if not.
*(By Pressing one of this Buttons, the selected Content will be removed from list, and the Programm fill the List to 20 Contents)



Daz3D Zip Installer


-Extract All Files
-Start Programm (Maybe as Admin)


-Set the Path to your Content-Folder
-Set the Path to your Folder where your Zip/Rar-Files
-(Optional) Set your Backup Folder
***If no Backup folder set, Set "Max. Zipfiles to Import" to 0
-(Optional) Set "Create Folder Icon" to true, if you want See Icons of the Content in Daz3D
-Click "Import Zip/Rar-Files"-Button to Import Zip-Contents
-If the Software Import all Contents, Select "Install" to the Contents you need an Press "Install"-Button

**The Software Create Uninstaller-Files and Save a Cover of a Zip File in the Temp-Folder to Show you the Product-Image in Software.


-Go To the Uninstall Tab
-Select the Content you want Uninstall and Press Uninstall

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